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Regal Food Products Group Plc was established in the heart of Yorkshire to cater for the growing needs of the discerning consumer. From a humble beginning, selling to the small corner grocery stores it is now a multi-million pounds global business.

Established upon the foundation of 30 years’ experience in the Bakery and Confectionary sector, Regal Food Products Group Plc produce’s many varieties of Bakery Products in addition to the traditional Eastern range, and have also diversified with a complimentary range of widespread products including Fruit Juices, savouries and spices.

In a very dynamic few years, Regal Food Products Group Plc has demonstrated the ability to establish huge growth in its UK market and to be a prominent exporter and overseas distributor.

At home, distribution originated through independent retailers across the UK serviced by the companies own dedicated vehicle fleet throughout England, Scotland and Wales. However, it soon became very clear that although the product range was “Asian” based, it was appealing hugely to a discerning public at large, This huge public acceptance has quickly lead to the Regal brand becoming well known to the trade and a household name to the public.

Acceptance of the brand was further endorsed by the enthusiasm of the major supermarket chains to promote extensive assortments of Regal Foods’ products. Tesco, Asda-Walmart, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and the Co-op group along with some other well-known high street names, all carry products. The brand has thus become well known and has established itself in record time throughout Britain.


The brand has also seen an increase in popularity internationally with Exports seeing a considerable increase.

Exports are handled from the U.K. head office and include shipments to nearly all E.C. countries and Scandinavia as well as markets further afield such as the North Americas and South Asia.

New Products

The Company prides itself on NPD (New Product Development) and has a dedicated team with extensive expertise and experience to produce some of the distinguished mouth-watering products. The team is always developing new product concepts for the global food village.

The product range has grown rapidly as Regal Food Products Group has identified both ethnic demand and opportunities to complete gaps in the marketplace. The variety of products created has resulted in a comprehensive list of Bakery Specialities, Savoury Snacks, Confectionary, Spices, Recipes / Ready Meals and Fruit Juices.

With an experienced Research and Development team specialising in NPD, Regal Food Products Group Plc still has very ambitious plans to increase both its product range and its market share. Best known for its ethnic ranges, its facilities enable great development into many new areas where it proudly and happily invites collaboration with existing and potential new customers. The global brand is determined and intent on expansion and more development in both the UK and overseas market – so do expect to see the Regal brand wherever you are in the world!

Responsible Growth

Regal Food Products Group’s ethos is to grow in a responsible way. This is done by integrating ethical trading throughout the value chain, thereby reducing the company’s environmental and social impact. These targets guide the Company’s work which underlines the commitment to grow in a responsible way this is in line with Regal’s ambition to be among the biggest and best when it comes to food manufacture and distribution.