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A bridge too far…

The club was recently recommended by WRCFA to the BBC, as a possible venue to host the live draw for THE FA Cup First Round.
As a community club that had recently received FA Funding to improve facilities we were an ideal candidate.
After correspondence between the committee and the BBC, the editor of MOTD and his production team visited the site on Tuesday.

They spent an hour on site with us and were hugely impressed about the club facilities and the idyllic location between the river and the canal.
They were also extremely positive about the club achievements, ethos and community feel.
They were keen to use the venue but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control (the canal bridge and the left hand turn at the bottom of Victoria Road) access became a logistical nightmare.
It was impossible for the articulated lorry required for live events to access the site.
All feasible options were considered but a realistic alternative solution couldn’t be found.
We wanted to issue a statement as it goes without saying, we are hugely disappointed, but extremely proud that we were thought about so highly that we were worthy of the visit.
Now it`s down to the senior section to bring the FA cup to Salts.