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Subscription Increase 28-10-2014

Dear all Due to increasing costs of school rents, equipment, courses, league and referee fees etc the club unfortunately will need to increase subscriptions for all players from January 2015. The new payment will be 13 a month. Instructions and paperwork will be distributed via your age groups in the next few weeks. No action is required until December. The current payment has been in place since 2008 and as a charity this rise will be held as long as income and expenditure balance. Just a reminder that all our coaches and committee are

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Free FA Seminar

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Summer Coaching Seminars

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Festival of Football Facebook page

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2013 / 2014 SEASON

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Borussia Dortmund support Salts

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Help Required

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Easter Egg Raffle

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Development fund breaks through 20,000

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Development project update

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Missing baby change bag

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U14 Manager Scores at Bradford City

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